The Process

How does it work?

When you are ready to have your document proofread/edited, rename it using your first and last name and the current date.

Send your document to

In the email message, indicate:

1) whether you wish to have British or American English to ensure consistency.

2) the journal, if it is known.

3) any relevant style guide requirements or word limitations for the abstract or body of the text. Please note, it is your responsibility to check the journal’s requirements.

4) the date that you need the document returned.  Ensure you give yourself sufficient time to finalise any changes before the document needs to be submitted or disseminated.

5) your phone number, if you would like to be contacted should Suzanne need to clarify any aspect of your document. This is encouraged where deadlines are tight.

Having received your document, she will view it and estimate the number of hours involved in the proofreading/editing task.

The estimated number of hours will be multiplied by DKK 450 – the standard hourly rate – and an estimated cost will be emailed to you.

You can then let her know whether or not you would like her to proceed.

Suggested changes to all documents are made using the ‘Track changes’ function in Microsoft Word.

This facilitates differentiation between your original and our alternative wording, thereby giving control to you to accept or reject suggested changes as desired.

‘Comments’ are also written in the margin to provide clarification or to suggest alternatives.

When Suzanne has completed the job, the document will be emailed to you.

It will be labeled with your name, the ‘AE’ initials and the current date to avoid any confusion between versions.

When you receive your updated document, please acknowledge its receipt by sending Suzanne an email.

A numbered invoice will be forwarded to you.

Payment via electronic funds transfer is required within 30 days.  Please quote the invoice number during payment.

Suzanne respects the privacy of her clients.  She will never pass on the personal contact details of her clients and she does not use cookies on her website. The content of all documents in her care will be kept strictly confidential.


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