What services does Suzanne provide?

Proofreading and editing services are provided to authors of PhD theses, journal articles, responses to reviewers, grant applications, conference papers, reports, book chapters and other academic documents written in English.

Grammar, syntax, spelling, format and flow are checked and corrected.  This is a critical step in finalising a document prior to submission or dissemination, particularly where English is not your first language.

Suggested changes to all documents are made using the ‘Track changes’ function in Microsoft Word. This facilitates differentiation between original and alternative wording, thereby giving you control to accept or reject suggested changes as desired. ‘Comments’ are also written in the margin to provide clarification or to suggest alternatives.

Where meaning is too difficult to discern, and therefore to clarify through alternative wording, a Skype or phone call can be arranged to resolve any uncertainties, thereby accelerating the process.

This will also help to contain the cost of the job, as any ambiguities can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Additional general feedback is also provided in the reply email, to encourage improved use of language in subsequent written documents.